General help articles

What is OwnShot?

OwnShot is cloud-based software to share screenshots though your own domain with just an FTP server (or by using our FTP server)

When you set-up your domain on our network, you need to create a DNS record from your specific subdomain ( to our servers. We will connect to the supplied FTP server and look for the screenshot if the user requests it. 

For example: Your domain is, and someone requests the screenshot named "test.png", they will request:

Our server will connect to your FTP server and look for this screenshot. If your server does have it, we will download it and return it to the user. 

You can upload the screenshots to your FTP server and share the URL, that's all. No need to order web hosting, just a domain, FTP server and software to upload (we suggest ShareX) to your server and you are done!



What extensions do you support?

We support two extensions at this moment:

You can only select one at the time, this is to support our overview mode (allowing to see images without their extension).


What is overview mode?

When you request an image, for example;  They have the png extension in the URL, our overview mode allows them to see the image without this extension, just "/test" is enough. 


What is the “hosted” feature?

The main product: Images on your own domain, is free of charge. But you are required to have your own FTP server to use the platform. If you do not want to manage your own FTP server or if you do not want to buy an entire web hosting package just for images, the hosted plan is just for you.

When you sign up for the service, we supply you with FTP credentials on our server. You will be able to store images on your FTP account and link it with OwnShot with just one click.

How do I take screenshots?

OwnShot does not handle taking the screenshots. We only share the images through your domain with ease, and no need to code it yourself.

We recommend you to check out ShareX, this application allows you to take a screenshot, draw on it, and upload it directly to your FTP server. And after that, they copy the link to the image to your clipboard. OwnShot will handle the web-view and cache.

What do I need to get started?

To use OwnShot, you need your own domain ( and you need to have access to the DNS settings. You will also need an FTP server, or you can use our Hosted package to rent one from us directly.


How do I link my domain to OwnShot?

You have to create the following DNS record: -> c-name ->

Replace the first item with your actual sub-domain of choice.